I’m not done discovering all that this city has to offer.

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What We Do

At San Francisco Village, we believe relationships across generations are life-changing.

While the word “village” is in our name, our work goes far beyond a physical place: we’re creating a vibrant inter-generational community in the broadest sense of the word, offering our members access to educational and social events, volunteer help, and expertise for navigating the transitions that come with aging. Every day, we foster the connections that engage older San Franciscans, whether by mentoring a young person, tackling the latest technology, or simply sharing personal stories with one another.

Our goal is to create a better experience of aging – because when older adults value themselves, and are valued by the community, everybody benefits.


“New friendships have come so easily. At this age we share the same memories and have been through the same experiences.”

Margaret Johnson,
member since 2009