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Join San Francisco Village as we honor three remarkable people who have made significant difference in the lives of San Franciscans and beyond:
Eva Auchincloss, Mary Moore Gaines, and Glady Thacher.


Eva Auchincloss

Eva Auchincloss, a life-long champion of community action and involvement, has been a major force in the creation of San Francisco Village. Eva’s catalytic leadership in taking organizations in their infancy and growing them into successful enterprises is exemplary. Her work with the Women’s Sports Foundation re-imagined what was possible for girls and women in sports globally. The quintessential leader and volunteer, Eva has made significant contributions in all the organizations she has touched: Schnell Publishing, Billie Jean King’s Women’s Sports Magazine, the International Museum of Women, and the Presidio Graduate School. Never wanting to take credit herself, Eva’s involvement in San Francisco Village has been crucial to its growth and relevancy to its members.


Eva’s ability to create, organize and inspire others to work for the causes she cherishes makes her most deserving of San Francisco Village’s Founders’ Award for Transforming Lives and Community.



Mary Moore Gaines 

Mary Moore Gaines, Rector Emeritus of St. James Episcopal Church in San Francisco, knows about keeping the vision alive. She was over 50 when she was ordained a minister.  Not content to merely inspire and care for her parishioners, Mary Moore created a nonprofit arm of the church that provided free Saturday preschool to children of immigrants, afterschool mentoring to middle school students, afterschool enrichment programs for elementary students and citizenship classes for new immigrants. A community builder at heart, she was the spark that ignited the creation of San Francisco Village. From the moment she heard about Beacon Hill Village in Boston, Mary Moore was determined to create a similar innovative nonprofit in San Francisco. Mary Moore’s charismatic leadership guided a group of experienced and talented community activists to launch San Francisco Village. Not only was the vision to change the experience of aging in the city, but also to change how older adults are viewed by others and how they view themselves.


For her innovative community leadership and social activism, we are pleased to award Mary Moore with San Francisco Village’s Founders’ Award for Transforming Lives and Community.



Glady Thacher

Glady Thacher, a remarkable leader in San Francisco nonprofits, has been instrumental in the creation of more successful organizations that have impacted the lives of many generations of San Franciscans than we can count. Glady’s work focuses on assisting individuals through unmapped life transitions: Enterprise for High School Students, Alumnae Resources, Life Plan and the San Francisco Education Fund.  Continuing her tradition of leading-edge solutions to improve people’s lives, Glady’s visionary skills were fundamental to the launch of San Francisco Village.  When asked why she became so involved with San Francisco Village, Glady says, “I am too old to be young and too young to be old. San Francisco Village is my network.”


Glady’s willingness to get in the trenches and build organizations that matter epitomizes her life-long commitment to transforming the lives of individuals and community for the better, and we are proud to honor her with San Francisco Village’s Founders’ Award.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
The St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco 
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